Northumberland Cheese... possibly part of a new world record?

29th May 2018

Northumberland Cheese has been included in a potential record-sized noggie! What's a noggie we hear you cry? Read on to hear more!

Cheese and Bacon Scones recipe

16th May 2018

Cheese and Bacon scones always sell extremely well when we bake them in our cafe!

The task of Hampers...

14th May 2018

The task of Northumberland Cheese Company Hampers is no mean feat. We can't just go through a catalogue, select a few things, and chuck them in a box... it's a bit more than that!

Northumberland Cheese and Apple Cake Recipe

10th May 2018

This recipe was posted a while ago (2012!) but it is an absolutely delightful recipe that we felt needed sharing again! Apple and Cheese is a popular combination (think an apple on a Ploughman's lunch, or the American classic of apple pie with cheese pastry).

A note on Jersey milk

18th April 2018

We are very proud of our Jersey milk cheeses; they make a delicious and very unique contribution to our cheese range...

The Cheese Farm and its plus' and pitfalls...

4th April 2018

The Cheese Farm has become ubiquitous with our brand, and an important part of the Northumberland Cheese Company heritage. But nothing is without its disadvantages hey?!

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