An Interview with our Goat Farmers

Cheese Farm News
22nd July 2014

  Ewen and Tessa own a small farm in Carlisle. Having supplied us with raw goats milk for over ten years, I wanted to meet them to find out all about the goats and the milk. I meet Ewen and Tessa in a large goat barn, which smelled of a mixture of sweet hay and only a faint whiff of goat. The barn was filled with nanny goats and their kids of varying shades, including a sweet golden baby goat that Tessa was particularly fond of.   So how old is this little on... read more

Christmas Cheese Center Piece to WOW!

Cheese Farm News
9th December 2011

    Why chose between a Christmas Cheese Board and a Table Center Piece when you could have both in one?! We think our Northumberland Cheeses are looking so good this year that they are forming part of the Christmas Decorations. Move over Turkey, out of the way Sprouts- let’s make Northumberland Cheese the centre of attention this Christmas. Our towers are very popu... read more

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