Since 1984 Mark Robertson has been making farmhouse cheeses in the heart of Northumberland. The Northumberland Cheese story began in the Rede Valley, where Mark had a small flock of sheep from which he produced a ewe’s milk cheese called Redesdale. It was such a success with the locals that the range expanded to include fine cow's and goat's milk cheeses too, and the accolades began to pour in.

In 1996 we moved to a 19th Century granary on the Blagdon Estate, South Northumberland. Here we have the capabilities to marry traditional cheese making craftsmanship with modern best practices. Our knowledge and expertise in the cheese industry has led to a full range of artisan cheeses with a range of different milks, including cow's milk, goat's milk and sheep's milk.

Come and visit us you will be able to enjoy our Cheese Shop and Tea Room set above our working dairy. All of the cheese in the cafe is from the dairy downstairs, and with offerings such as 'The Cheese Lovers Afternoon Tea', it is a truly Northumberland Cheese experience!

We also open our dairy doors for Dairy Tours Days. Details of which can be found on our Dairy Days pages.


Milk Provenance

Although we have grown you can still rest assured that every mouthful of our cow's milk cheeses can be traced back to the milk of Northumberland farms; it's all part of the Northumberland Cheese Company philosophy. Our goat's milk is from a single herd in Yorkshire.


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