Quirky things about Northumberland Cheese Company that you may not know Posted on 19th June 2018

Northumberland Cheese Company is a pretty quirky place to work, and there are certainly some interesting facts about us! So we thought we would let you in on some of our goings on....

1) We are based in a converted granary building. This means it has most definitely not been built for purpose! The dairy is downstairs, despatch is attached to that, and we have the offices and Cheese Loft Cafe in the eaves. Due to the nature of the building, we'll always be restricted with what we can do, and we don't own our building! We rent it....

2)... from Lord Ridley, who owns the Blagdon Estate. 

3) Wildlife forms an interesting part of our job. We've had bats behind signs outside, shrews, and have to have at least 3 cans of bug spray in our office to ward off wasps, which our MD, Jacks, is terrified of.

4) Martin, who is our production manager, used to be in the navy! He was a naval chef. 

5) There is a cat who lives on the estate called Merlin. He comes to see us all the time. We've had to throw him out of the shop twice (animals are NOT permitted at Northumberland Cheese Company).

6) There is a ghost at Northumberland Cheese Company; several members of staff have reported being on their own in the building, and there have been frightening door slams.... spooky!!

7) The first cheese that we ever produced was Redesdale, and the business was orignally named the Redesdale Sheep Dairy. We had a re-brand when we moved premises from Elsdon, to Blagdon (where we are today).

8) We all have to do jobs which are outside of our remit. They can include any of the following; reporting potholes to the council; reporting power cuts to the grid; folding SC4 boxes; packing away large box deliveries; making bespoke cheese labels for customers (we don't do this very often, so please don't ask us?!; taking photographs of cows.

9) Cheese can be so annoying. You can do everything with exactly the same methods, and under exactly the same conditions, and it will taste different. We grade every single cheese.

10) Nettle is our bestselling cheese. Followed by Oak-smoked, and then Brinkburn.

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