Apple and Cheese Cake; using Northumberland Kielder Cheese

Cheese Recipes
19th April 2012

  It’s an old Northern tradition combining the flavours of strong hard cheese with the sweet notes of fruitcake. For a Middlands girl it was quite a strange combination to get my head round at first, but I'm glad I did! This is a farmhouse cheese recipe&n... read more

2011 Cheese Awards- notes of a humble prize winner!!

Cheese Farm News
9th February 2012

Frome Cheese Show 2011 Red carpets, flashing lights, little black dresses and champagne flutes are all images that come to mind when you think about Awards Ceremonies.... read more

Christmas Cheese Center Piece to WOW!

Cheese Farm News
9th December 2011

    Why chose between a Christmas Cheese Board and a Table Center Piece when you could have both in one?! We think our Northumberland Cheeses are looking so good this year that they are forming part of the Christmas Decorations. Move over Turkey, out of the way Sprouts- let’s make Northumberland Cheese the centre of attention this Christmas. Our towers are very popu... read more

Winter Time on Blagdon Farm

Cheese Farm News
2nd December 2011

Posted by Andy- Farm Manager at the Blagdon Estate ... read more

Crumbly Goat’s Cheese Flan, featuring Elsdon.

Cheese Recipes
28th November 2011

  I think this is such a simple recipe but with loads of great tastes and complementary flavours. An easy work night meal or spruce it up a bit for a fab starter. I use ... read more

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