Subsidising our milk farmer

13th August 2015

This point has already been mentioned in our newsletter, so apologies for repeating ourselves for our subscribers. However, we feel that it's an important issue at the moment, and we want to make sure that we spread the word.   As we are sure that you are aware, milk prices are a constant source of anxiety with farmers currently. The market price of milk has dropped. Thi... read more

A post from the new Sales and Marketing manager

28th April 2015

Hello everyone,   Firstly, I would like to apologise for the blog drought for the past few months. We have had a change over of staff. I'm Charlie, and I'm the new sales and marketing manager here at Northumberland Cheese. One of my first projects is to do a regular blog, so this will mark a new beginning! I would really like to put you all a bit more in touch with what goes on at Northumberland Cheese; there are a lot of really interesting parts of this job, and I want to share them with you.  ... read more

The Cheese Farm Birthday Fun Fest!

28th August 2014

    We are delighted to announce that we will be holding the Cheese Farm Fun Fest to celebrate our 30th birthday! The good old Northumbrian knees up will take place at the  Cheese Farm on Saturday 6th September from... read more

An Interview with our Goat Farmers

Cheese Farm News
22nd July 2014

  Ewen and Tessa own a small farm in Carlisle. Having supplied us with raw goats milk for over ten years, I wanted to meet them to find out all about the goats and the milk. I meet Ewen and Tessa in a large goat barn, which smelled of a mixture of sweet hay and only a faint whiff of goat. The barn was filled with nanny goats and their kids of varying shades, including a sweet golden baby goat that Tessa was particularly fond of.   So how old is this little on... read more

Benefits of Cheese and staying slim

11th January 2013

      With a new year come new resolutions, particularly in regards to around the waistline and getting it to be more, shall we say, trim? Baring this in mind, together with the tempting taste of delicious cheese, you may be happy to know that a recent study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that full fat cheese can actually help ... read more

Road closed for filming but we are still open as usual

Cheese Farm News
10th October 2012

  To all our customers and delivery men/woman:On Thursday 11th October 2012 the road leading to the Cheese Farm will be closed for short periods of time whilst they are filming – how exciting! You can wait in your car or van whilst they film as it shouldn’t take very long and they will let you through as soon as they can. Please do not be put off by any ‘Road Closed’ signs, the Tea Room and dairy will still be open as usual and we look forward to seeing you.  For further information ... read more

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