Alternative uses for leftover chutneyPosted on 27th October 2023

What can I do with my jar of Chutney?

We all buy or get gifted a chutney at one point or another, but what can you do with it once you have finished the cheeseboard and have that left over jar in your fridge?


Hopefully this list of 10 ways to use chutney will help you to experiment or find alternate uses for that left over jar of chutney sitting lonely in your fridge, that does not mean you need to have another cheeseboard.  


1. Sandwich - the easiest option is to get your bread, cold meats or cheese and make a sandwich and use the chutney in this way.  

2. Marinade - how about using the chutney as a marinade on your meats?  

3. Sticky glaze - smother some chutney over a gammon joint and roast to get that lovely sticky glaze. 

4. Add to a sauce - pop a dollop of chutney in to your sauces, or if you have a onion chutney pop some in a gravy to give you a lovely onion gravy with none of the work.

5. Dressings - add a teaspoon of a chutney to some oil and vinegar to dress your salads.

6. Alternative for ketchup - a tomato chutney is almost the same as a ketchup, just a bit chunkier. 

7. As a dip - mix it with some Greek yogurt or sour cream.

8. Add it to cheese toasties - cheese toasted sandwiches are often underrated.  

9. On Burgers - If you are having a burger add it instead of your ketchup or mayonnaise.  

10. Stuffing - add it to stuffing to add another flavour element.  


For some of the dipping options if you have a chunky chutney, you may wish to puree it to make it smoother.  

We hope this helps you with some of your food waste and if you have another suggestion that we can add to this list then let us know via email and we will include it.  


If you try any of these options and you want to let us know how you get on you can tag us on Facebook and Instagram with the handle @NlandCheese or you can email us on [email protected]

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